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Overview Presentations

These one hour PowerPoint presentations give an overview of why our training is a valuable investment for any organization. The presentations show how our training can provide a great return on investment and help your organization achieve its most vital results.

Download the Presentations

Crucial Conversations

Overview .ZIP
Healthcare Overview

Crucial Accountability

Overview .ZIP


Overview .ZIP

Getting Things Done®

Overview .ZIP

Terms of Use

The following presentations are to be used only by individuals that have signed a VitalSmarts Trainer Agreement. The intended purpose of the presentations are to create interest and awareness about VitalSmarts content. They are not intended to be a replacement or substitute for training. They are not meant to be content rich, and are not meant to help audiences build significant crucial skills. To build skills, your audience will need the actual training course.

All graphics, images, and videos are the property of VitalSmarts and may not be removed from the presentations or used for any purpose other than as part of these presentations. These presentations may not be used in conferences, speeches or other programs.

Download Instructions

  1. You must have Microsoft PowerPoint to run the presentation.
  2. Once the file is downloaded, right click on the zipped file and unzip the file by clicking on “extract all.”
  3. Once the file is unzipped, open the folder to access the powerpoint file.

If you open the presentation and the videos do not play, then:

  1. Click on: insert then select movies and sounds then select movie from file
  2. Then insert the videos (one by one) from the unzipped directory into the PowerPoint presentation