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Our training is not only powerful, relevant, and engaging—it’s also easy and fun to deliver.

Join the ranks of more than 8,000 client trainers worldwide and start discovering how the skills taught in our training courses help participants improve their lives—and enable your organization to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

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Certification is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement VitalSmarts training. The train-the-trainer process allows organizations to optimize and customize training to meet their specific needs—whether you’re training an intact team or your entire organization.

You can choose to become certified in any of our training solutions:

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Attend a Public Workshop

Step 2:

Attend a Train-the-Trainer Certification Course

During your training, you will:

  • Review and identify areas where you need additional help on your own mastery of the skills.
  • Learn to tailor the content to your audience.
  • Prepare appropriate personal examples and exercises.
  • Learn to listen and respond in a way that increases impact and class engagement.
  • Practice skills to facilitate, master tone, and establish a safe environment for learners.
  • Develop a personal action plan with your Master Certified Trainer.
  • Return to your organization with a plan to market and roll out VitalSmarts training.

We offer Continuing Education Credit (CEU) as a service to our clients. VitalSmarts is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is accredited to issue the IACET CEU. The following CEUs are available:



Crucial Conversations – 1.5 CEUs
Crucial Accountability – 1.5 CEUs
Influencer – 1.5 CEUs



Crucial Conversations – 14 CHs
Crucial Accountability – 14 CHs
Influencer – 15 CHs



Crucial Conversations – 14.5 CHs
Crucial Conversations Focused Format – 7 CHs
Crucial Accountability – 14.5 CHs
Influencer – 15 CHs

Apply for Continuing Education Credit

  1. Download the process pdf.
  2. Download Class Roster Form (PDF) or use the Excel Version.
  3. Make sure the roster is filled out completely with names and email addresses, and that participants sign in and out each day of training (signatures required for credit).
  4. Upon completion, email or fax the roster to or 801.765.0272.
  5. Once received, certificates will be created and emailed to the participants. Please allow four to five weeks for processing.

Engage with Us. Trainer Resources.

VitalSmarts trainers get access to the Trainer Zone, a repository of tools and resources you’ll need to develop your knowledge and skills as a VitalSmarts trainer, and other valuable resources.

Trainer Zone

Trainer Zone is our online library of trainer resources. It houses all the tools and resources you’ll need to develop your knowledge and skills as a VitalSmarts trainer.

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REACH Conference

REACH is a two-day annual conference designed to provide you with access networking opportunities and industry experts to increase your skills and knowledge.

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Trainer Talk Newsletter

Trainer Talk is a monthly trainer newsletter filled with useful tips, news, and reminders to help you maintain and expand what you learned in certification.

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