Crucial Conversations QA

To Be Productive, Learn to Say No

Dear Justin,

I recently read your post about the person who is overcommitted. You suggested ways for him to manage his to-do list. I think they’re really helpful ideas. But what about those of us on the other end of that relationship? I work with a group of great, creative, and intelligent people, but they are unable to say no to anything. We have several projects running at the same time and there are some who commit to every one of them. As a result, others in the group are always either waiting on them or covering for them. Do you have any strategies that would help the group function more effectively and efficiently?

Picking Up Slack

Dear Picking Up Slack,

This is where Crucial Conversations skills can support productivity habits. Author David Allen often says, “You can do anything, but not everything.” Productivity depends on a person’s ability to say yes and no. But if you’re living the GTD skills and your teammates are not, it can make things difficult. In order to address your team’s productivity habits, you’ll need to hold some crucial conversations. Here are some suggestions, separated according to your role in relation to your team members.

If The Person Works For You

1. Address the problem by focusing on the skills your team member needs Finish reading