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Change Challenger Terri has lost 21 of 50 pounds

Terri Moore

Change Challenger Terri is on her way to losing 50 pounds.

Change Anything
My change goal: Lose 50 pounds by Jan 1, 2012.
Progress: As of April 25, I have lost a total of 21 pounds.

My crucial moments:

  • Moments of stress when I’m tempted to resort to my old, unhealthy eating habits
  • Moments when I’ve allowed myself to get to the state of ‘starving’ and as a result, I make poor food choices

My vital behaviors:

  • Connect with one of my coaches for support. If a coach isn’t available, I give myself a pep talk incorporating my Default Future.
  • Consume 1800 calories per day and drink 64oz or more per day.
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks for home and work.
  • Exercise 30 minutes, 5-6 days per week.

I attribute my success to a total life change and the six-source plan I’ve created to adopt these vital behaviors. I remind myself that I did not put this weight on overnight so I cannot expect to wake up one morning and it all be gone. If you want to be successful with any change initiative, be prepared to put some time into the change. However, once you’ve incorporated the change plan into your everyday life, the change feels effortless.

Love what you hate: I participate in activities I enjoy so working out is not a burden. In fact, I actually hate it if I have to miss a work out. I’ve learned I’m pretty competitive with myself on this life changing journey.

Turn Accomplices into Friends: I’ve recruited my manager to be my change partner. We have mapped this change to my performance plan for 2011 and she checks in each week on my progress. I have made my weight chart available to her so she can challenge me if she doesn’t notice progress.

I believe my food choices are solid. I stay within the allotted 1800 caloric intake daily. I’ve gradually increased the number of reps I do during strength training. I also plan ahead which removes the possibility of excuses. Here’s an example, I’m taking a class on Thursday night for the next 7 weeks. I normally swim on this night. Since I’m unable to swim, I’m joining the Yoga class my company sponsors each Thursday. I have shared this change with my coaches and team members in my office to keep me accountable. There is power when you open your mouth and tell others what you are doing. I truly enjoy the support I receive from friends and family.

Control your Space: I am also using www.changeanything.com and it’s very helpful to see the Predicator Meter chart my progress. I get a thrill out of seeing the needle move closer to the ‘very likely’ section.

How I’ve turned bad days into good data: I do not have to travel too much for work; however, it’s a challenge to stick with your diet when your meal is chosen for you at a work event. In that case, I don’t beat myself up. I say this is a one-time event, it’s okay if I have to modify my meal for the day.

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