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  1. Crucial Conversations

    Crucial ConversationsNew York Times Bestseller

    A companion to the award-winning training course of the same title, this book will help you navigate high-stakes conversations and make it safe to talk about almost anything. More than 2 million copies have been sold worldwide.

    EdDialogue issues we used to tolerate for years have disappeared as a result of Crucial Conversations."
    – Ed H., president & CEO, STP Electric Generating Station

    Create alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes topics. More

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  2. Crucial Accountability

    Crucial AccountabilityNew York Times Bestseller

    When coworkers make promises do you sigh in relief or start biting your nails? A companion to the training course of the same title, this book offers a step-by-step process to enhance accountability, improve performance, and ensure execution.

    JLongstanding accountability problems were surfaced and neutralized as a direct result of Crucial Accountability."
    – J. Marks, training specialist, Orkin, Inc.

    Is avoiding one-on-one accountability discussions keeping you from getting the results you need? More

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  3. Influencer Training

    InfluencerNew York Times Bestseller

    A companion to the award-winning training course of the same title, this book delivers a coherent and portable model for influencing the behaviors of others for good.

    MattWith Influencer we've seen dramatic results in organizational behavior change."
    – Matt V., president, Spectrum Health

    Whether you're leading a team of ten or ten thousand, learn proven strategies to execute behavior change. More

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  4. Change Anything Training

    Change AnythingNew York Times Bestseller

    A companion to the training course of the same title, this book helps readers recognize the personal, social, and environmental forces of influence currently working against them—and then turn them in their favor.

    GeorgeChange Anything is the solution for any type of individual behavior change. It dramatically improves results."
    – George O., extension educator, Purdue University

    Successfully solve any individual behavior challenge – at work or at home. More

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Why VitalSmarts?

Rather than focus on systems, processes, or strategy, we focus on people. And more specifically, how people behave. Based on more than 30 years of ongoing research, our award-winning courses have been trained to more than 1 million people.

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Each week, the authors of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, and Change Anything answer readers’ personal questions, share tips and insights, and provide further instruction on mastering crucial skills and gaining personal influence.

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