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Updates to Trainer Zone

We are excited to share the following details about our new Trainer Zone and Lives Impacted Program:

Single-sign-on username: All trainers will receive a new username to access the Trainer Zone. Usernames will be the email address you use when you sign your digital trainer agreement, or for existing trainers, it will be the email currently tied to your Trainer Agreement. New usernames will be emailed to the current address on record in early October. You will not be able to login to your new account until you receive the email with your new account information. As part of the sign in process you will choose a new password.

Changes to the VIP Tutorial Videos: We’ve segmented the VIP tutorial videos for quick reference. These videos will be available on the Trainer Zone.

Lives Impacted Program Updates: We’ve updated the Lives Impacted Program to reflect the number of trainings you facilitate rather than the number of participants you train. This will ensure all trainers can advance through the program regardless of organization size. You will now be required to train three trainings, with a minimum of five participants per training, to move from one level to the next.

New trainers who complete their first three trainings to move from provisional to certified status will automatically enter the Lives Impacted program at Silver status for the current calendar year. In subsequent years, you will be required to manually enter trainings for Silver Status.

2019 LIP member status achievements and awards will automatically transfer to the new platform.

NOTE: As we prepare for this transition, the current Lives Impacted platform will be unavailable from September 20-30.

For questions about the transfer of LIP status during the blackout, please contact with the subject heading ‘LIP Status Transfer’ and our support team will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.