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VitalSmarts Courses

Achieving a High-Performance Culture

Building a high-performance culture is top of mind for organizations universally. From increasing engagement and developing leadership to improving retention and accelerating innovation, this focus on human capital is driving organizations to rethink the way work gets done.

Our research shows that high-performance cultures are cultivated by employees who effectively dialogue around high-stakes topics, hold others accountable, and remove barriers to change.

VitalSmarts delivers training to develop these skills.

Over 2 million people trained

Learning That Yields Results

Our award-winning training products have helped more than 300 of the Fortune 500 realize significant results.

We have trained more than 2 million people worldwide, and our clients have connected our training courses with producing these measurable outcomes.

Quality improvements 40
Grievance reductions 90
Turnover reductions 50
Employee satisfaction improvements 80
Safety/compliance improvements 60

VitalSmarts Training

Each VitalSmarts training solution teaches a set of practical skills to address some of the most common behavioral challenges. When used in combination, our suite of courses enables your organization to change for good.

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Skills to engage in open dialogue and gain alignment and agreement on important matters

  • Improve communication effectiveness
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Enable productivity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved relationships
  • High-performing culture
Crucial Accountability Logo

Universal accountability

A step-by-step process and skills to enhance accountability and improve performance and execution

  • Hold others accountable
  • Resolve conflict with confidence
  • Gain commitment to action
  • Improve collaboration
  • Improved relationships
  • Fewer missed deadlines
  • Increased individual and team effectiveness
Influencer Logo

Influential leadership

The mastery of the Six Sources of Influence™ to drive high-leverage, sustainable behavior change

  • Speak with influence
  • Motivate others to take initiative
  • Enable others to think strategically
  • Reduction in project errors and failures
  • Quicker adoption of new/changed processes
  • Reduced safety and compliance issues
  • Sales enablement
Getting Things Done Training Logo


Skills to manage the constant flow of tasks and interruptions people face at all levels of the organization.

  • Focus on most meaningful work
  • Prioritize and keep commitments
  • Execute effectively
  • Find solutions to challenges
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased efficiency
  • Shared productivity language
  • Improved relationships
The Power Of Habit Training Logo


Skills to change habits and align behavior with performance goals and organizational values.

  • Adapt to change quickly
  • Replace limiting habits with effective ones
  • Create new routines
  • Greater agility
  • Improved individual and team effectiveness
  • Increased change adoption and management

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