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Irene M.

Irene M., Sr. Training Specialist
Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold

Great tools and support for training; not to mention awesome content."

Margarette Moss

Margarette M., Training Specialist
Gulfstream Aerospace

I love being a trainer because I get to reach out to so many people through training. I touch on so many lives and get to be a part of many things!"

Steve Childs

Steve C., Principal
4R Learning Solutions

The materials, support and content are the best in the business. The ability to use all of this to create skill and behavior change at both the personal and professional level is an incredible opportunity."

Kellie Birmingham

Kellie B., Training Specialist
Gulfstream Aerospace

I love being a VitalSmarts trainer because I am able to make connections with the content and the participants so they are able to make meaningful professional and personal changes that will be a positive impact in their lives."

M Paula Daoust

Paula D., Director of Workforce and Leadership Development

VitalSmarts Training makes a difference! It gives people a path and a plan."

Shari Morrison

Shari M., Ethics Officer
National Security Technologies, LLC

I’m a brand-new trainer, and what I love is that I learn something every time I teach a lesson."

Melinda Rogers

Melinda R., VP of Enterprise Learning
Knowledge Universe

I love hearing stories about the way the skills have changed people’s lives for the better at home and at work."

Derek Puddester

Derek P., Director, Faculty Wellness Program
Faculty Wellness Program, Ottawa Faculty of Medicine

We’re in the business of helping medicine deliver better care to patients, better education to students and trainees, and more relevant and practical research for our communities. VitalSmarts products help us improve the ability of our community to deliver on these important tasks."

Pat Posa

Pat P., System Performance Improvement Leader
St Joseph Mercy Health System

I love helping myself and others get better results with better communication."

Jon Tufte

Jon T., Facilitator of Organizational Development
St. Cloud Hospital

Love the applicability of the content to every day work and life!"

Andrea Spangler

Andrea S., Sr. Organizational Development Consultant
St. Joseph Mercy Health System

I love being a Crucial Conversations Trainer because it has given me the skills and resources to be able to positively influence the culture of our organization."

Susan Goepp

Susan G., Training/Pricing Specialist

This is life changing, both professionally and personally. My career choice involves sharing the truths of this material to as many as I can."

Jennifer Packer

Jennifer P., Director, Emergency Services
PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

Why do I love VitalSmarts Training? First, it is a constant reminder of the skills that I can use and incorporate into my life. Second, knowing that the knowledge I am sharing is helping others make a difference in their lives."

Lee Stamper

Lee S., Security Manager
US Air Force

I like helping people to understand where they are stuck and starting with heart."

Caroline S. Ingles

Caroline I., Chief, Employee and Leadership Development

I love being a trainer because I get to empower people to solve their own problems and transform their lives!"

Pam Ramirez

Pam R., Sr. Staff Development Educator
Sutter Health

I believe in the product and enjoy seeing people’s faces light up when they get it!"

Jill Downs

Jill D., Corporate Trainer
America First Credit Union

They are skills that follow me everywhere. Not only am I using them every day in my work life but they carry over to my home life with husband, family friends and two kids! I love being a Crucial Conversations Trainer!"

Mari-Beth Cook

Mari-Beth C., Corporate Trainer
America First Credit Union

The skills I’ve learned to teach have changed my life, and I love watching participants take the skills and start using them. To see the change they go through is SO rewarding!"

LaContis Flavors

LaContis F., Operations Manager
Comptroller of the Currency

It’s been a life-changing experience for me. I’ve grown in my personal and professional life. I’m living proof that practicing and teaching makes you very successful. I love this program! Cheers!!!"

Paul McMurray

Paul M., Partner
Insight Management Consulting

It has changed my life and I enjoy teaching the concepts in all three classes."

Pam Dykstra

Pam D., Senior Consultant
Poertner Consulting Group

I LOVE being a VitalSmarts Trainer because over and over I get to see first hand life changing moments for my participants. It makes it incredibly easy to live out what I train because I believe so strongly in the skills and concepts that VitalSmarts conveys."

Cathy Chen

Cathy C., Program Manager
Google, Inc

I love being a VitalSmarts trainer because Crucial Conversations really holds its own. The materials and the facilitation guide and activities are excellent to help deepen the learning of our participants."

Donna Layton

Donna L., Director Leadership Development

I love being a trainer beacuse I can help people use their brain better at work and flourish in any culture!"

Inga Watkins

Inga W., ADR Advisor

I love empowering people to take their life to the next level of excellence and fulfillment."

Jillian Frazier

Jillian F., Master Trainer
Apogee Training

Being a trainer for Crucial Conversations allows me to bring people skills that can help them drive significant positive differences in the areas that mean the most to them. By the end of the session the energy is still high, participants have tried the skills in and out of the classroom and have the momentum to get what they really want. It’s powerful to experience and see what using these skills can do!"

Tamara Kerr

Tamara K., President
Shared Visions

The learning that happens in VitalSmarts’ training is life altering. Participants love how applicable the skills are both at work and at home. Repeatedly hearing, ‘This is the best course I’ve ever taken’ is so rewarding!"

Lesia Stone

Lesia S., Coach
Keystone Katalyst, LLC

I love VitalSmarts Training because of the ‘AHA’s! I help change lives every time I teach a session."

Mary Beth Petersen

Mary Beth P., Sr. Org Dev Coach
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Crucial Conversations and Influencer work! The concepts are practical, the case studies are motivating and it’s fun to teach!"

Sharon Lovoy

Sharon L., President
Lovoy’s Team Works, Inc.

As Joseph Grenny says, ‘It is a condition of soul as much as anything else.’ I have found the changes that the participants undergo are profound. This is a mission, not shallow training."

Sandy York

Sandy Y., Leadership Development Consultant
McLaren Health Care

I love to share tools, skills, knowledge to help people become more successful!"

Amanda Lapierre

Amanda L., Education and Development Specialist
DST Systems, Inc.

I love being a VitalSmarts trainer because the tools and techniques I share help people to positively change their personal and professional lives."

Kurt Southam

Kurt S., Head Honcho
Southam Consulting

Great stuff, great people, great learning!"

Elizabeth Thelen

Elizabeth T., Senior Facilitator/Consultant
Quinlan Group

I love VitalSmarts’ programs because they help people and organizations be more of who they are!"

Laura Tongi

Laura T., Project Manager of Leadership Development
Kaiser Permanente

I love being a VitalSmarts trainer because it inspires all to realize their full potential in their personal, family, work, and community lives using research, best practice, and a plethora of resources to make that vision come to life."


Gus, Learning and Development Manager

What do I love about being a VitalSmarts trainer? The opportunities to present people with a workshop that is a ‘Game Changer’."

Taffy Davis

Taffy D., Clinical Instructor
Franklin Memorial Hospital

I love helping people gain skills that can change their lives and their work environment."

Heather Rizzo

Heather R., Education Specialist, RN, MSN
Lehigh Valley Health Network

VitalSmarts Training improves patient outcomes and creates a safer environment!"

Scott Pegg

Scott P., Manager, Organizational Development
Saint Mary’s Health Care

Why do I love being a trainer? The power of impacting lives both in the workplace and at home."

Marie Wehrung

Marie W., Director of Training
Rice University

I love sharing the Crucial Conversations skills with other members of the Rice community, and through that making a difference in the results we create and the lives we touch."


Beth, Bank examiner

Every time I instruct, I learn something from the partipants. It’s always a great refresher to go back over the materials – another way to learn something new, or get a different perspective. The material is always fresh, interesting, and is useful in every aspect of life – family, work, social situations. Take the class, become an instructor, and pass it on!"

Vivian Vrahos

Vivian V., Manager, Organizational Development
Austin Health

Why do I love VitalSmarts training? Because it all makes so much sense."

Toni Thompson

Toni T., Associate Superintendent for Human Resources
San Antonio Independent School District

I enjoy being a trainer because of the impact that it can have on our organization — SAISD. This is all about helping others grow in a way that can benefit the organization and increase performance and productivity."

Tom Buckhouse

Tom B., Director, Electric, Water & Steam
Eugene Water & Electric

VitalSmarts training is easily translated to our work environment."

Paula Drayton

Paula D., Director
Resource Advisory

These tools are essential for every level of every client and every organisation. They’re easy to communicate and once you apply them successfully, results flow."

Josh Stewart

Josh S., Account Manager
Executive Forum

VitalSmarts offers the most effective, purpose-driven training we can provide. It is hard to convince people to give 16 hours to it, but once they attend they tell me they wish they could spend longer!"

Rick Rocchetti

Rick R., Organization Development and Training Manager
City of Raleigh

I love the material, the support and being able to bring cutting-edge material to the employees at the City of Raleigh."

Erin Williams

Erin W., Learning and Development Manager
Exchange Bank

I love being a trainer because I love facilitating programs that make a difference for participants in both their personal and professional lives."

Becky Rivest

Becky R., Corporate Trainer

I have trained several different communications courses in my career, but Crucial Conversations does a better of job than any of emphasizing the foundation of what makes these conversations successful. It can change lives!"

Betty Burks

Betty B., Deputy Superintendent
San Antonio Independent School District

VitalSmarts is one of the most significant communication and results-driven processes that can be implemented in an organization to forever change professional relationships throughout. If you want to change the culture of an organization, you have to change the conversations."

Doug Nordgren

Doug N., Prepress Manager
LDS Printing Division

Why do I love VitalSmarts? Giving people new skills for a better life!"

Julie Loeding

Julie L., Instructor
Waukesha County Technical College

VitalSmarts training materials, certification, instructor support and annual conference are top of the line! I am certified in Crucial Conversations, Accountability, and Influencer. These programs help individuals both personally and professionally make significant changes. That’s rewarding."

Angela Dadds

Angela D., Senior Trainer

Training people how to step up into difficult situations and handle them well is the most rewarding ‘work’ I have ever done. I see people totally shifting their views on how to influence situations at work and home, and transforming their relationships as a result. I love that I can contribute to others in such a high impact way."

Dallas Myers

Dallas M., Director of Special Services
Fremont County School District #25

I love being a VitalSmarts trainer because it affords me the opportunity to provide exceptional interpersonal communication tools to all the stakeholders in a student’s life, making each day they are in the classroom better than the last."

Corinne Sandefer

Corinne S., Sr HR Training Specialist
Loudoun County Govt.

What do I love about being a trainer? Changing Lives."

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