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New Training

It’s time to put your training initiative into overdrive. Join us at the VitalSmarts Road Rally to preview one (or both) of our latest training innovations: Getting Things Done® or Crucial Conversations® Online.

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Making a Pit Stop Near You!

Attend one of our upcoming Road Rally Tour events and:

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Crucial Conversations Logo Nashville, TN November 8 Learn More & Register
Crucial Conversations Logo Baltimore, MD November 9 Learn More & Register
Getting Thing Done Training Logo Atlanta, GA November 2 Learn More & Register
Crucial Conversations Logo Virtual November 16 Learn More & Register
Crucial Conversations Logo Cleveland, OH November 14 Learn More & Register
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Now Available Online

We’ve taken the award-winning dialogue skills of Crucial Conversations ONLINE. Come preview Crucial Conversations Training and learn a few skills for communicating when stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. And, we’ll give you an exclusive preview of our new online delivery option—that turns traditional online learning on its head.

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Change the Way You Engage with Work and Life

Our latest training innovation, Getting Things Done (GTD) Training teaches skills to increase focus, prioritize commitments, and achieve stress-free productivity. GTD uses a common language and system to help individuals, teams, and organizations manage their mind, time, space, stress and productivity.

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“The GTD system has opened doors in my life, both personal and professional, that I did not know were possible.”

Jeff Boliba
VP Global Resorts, Burton Global Resorts

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“Crucial Conversations Training teaches practical skills to handle conflict and demonstrates how to engage in meaningful dialogue to bring about better results.”

Karl Smart
Business Communication Professor, Central Michigan University