VitalSmarts Releases Influencer Training™

A state-of-the art corporate training program to change behavior and solve entrenched problems

PROVO, UT September 2, 2008 VitalSmarts, an innovator in corporate training and organizational performance, today released Influencer Training, its latest training product for individuals, teams, and organizations. Influencer Training is a classroom training course that teaches proven strategies to uproot entrenched habits and drive rapid and sustainable behavior change.

Kerry Patterson, co-founder of VitalSmarts and co-developer of the training course, says Influencer Training has shattered industry molds in both platform design and content.

“Influencer Training caters to both the trainer and the participant to ensure seamless delivery and the ultimate learning experience,” says Patterson. “With a training platform that guides, prompts and coaches trainers, and participant features that ensure continuous engagement, frequent, on-the-spot testing and high-entertainment value, Influencer Training has raised the bar in the training industry.”

In addition to technological innovations, Influencer Training expounds on the principles and strategies found in the New York Times bestselling book, Influencer: The Power to Change Anything (McGraw-Hill, 2007).

The change strategies taught in Influencer Training are grounded in more than 50 years of social science research and developed from the same set of strategies used by successful leaders who have facilitated organizational, cultural and personal change. Participants learn a step-by-step method for helping individuals, teams and organizations dramatically improve results by rapidly and sustainably changing entrenched behaviors.

State-of-the art features of Influencer Training:

  • Participant Response System (PRS)-Participants are quizzed at key points throughout the training to test concept mastery. Each participant is provided with a remote control for answering questions. Answers are displayed on screen and help trainers immediately determine which concepts have been understood and which concepts may require additional instruction.
  • Trainer Guide-A comprehensive, step-by-step guide that provides in-depth content, cues and guidelines to keep the training focused and effective.
  • Trainer Assists-The training platform offers a unique help button for trainers as they prepare to train the course. The trainer assists are available on each screen and include notes from the trainer guide and video clips of a VitalSmarts master trainer providing instruction on specific concepts.
  • Award-Winning Video-The influence strategies are illustrated and taught through awardwinning video segments which highlight people who are especially effective influencers.Participants also follow a video case study that documents an imaginary and yet very relevant group of leaders as they succeed in learning and applying the Influencer strategies.

Influencer Training is VitalSmarts’ third training program, preceded by the award-winning Crucial Conversations© Training and Crucial Confrontations™ Training.

Product Availability & System Requirements

Influencer Training is now available by contacting a sales representative at VitalSmarts. The training is offered as a two-day course to the public (for training dates and locations visit VitalSmarts also offers trainer certification for in-house trainers. Public courses for Influencer Training are $995.00 USD. Public courses, which include trainer certification, are $2995.00 USD. Other options include in-house training and customized consulting.

Installation system requirements include:

PC (not MAC Compatible), Windows® 98 SE/2000/XP/Vista, Pentium® 4 1.6 GHz processor, 3 GB hard drive space, Video card with 16 MB of memory, 512 MB RAM (Windows Vista requires 1 GB), DVD-ROM drive, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 32-bit color display, 1 Participant Response System (PRS) receiver, 1 PRS remote per participant (e.g., 25 participants = 25 remotes).


About VitalSmarts

An innovator in corporate training and organizational performance, VitalSmarts is home to multiple training offerings, including the award-winning Crucial Conversations®, Crucial Confrontations™, and Influencer Training™. Each course improves key organizational outcomes by focusing on high-leverage skills and strategies. The Company also has three New York Times bestselling books. VitalSmarts has taught more than 2 million people worldwide.

CONTACT: Brittney Maxfield of VitalSmarts, L.C. +1-801-724-6272, or

Note to editor: Kerry Patterson is available for interview.

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