“Crucial Conversations” Training Translated into Six Non-English Languages

PROVO, UTAH, May 10, 2004 – VitalSmarts today announced the availability of its Crucial Conversations facilitated training solution in six non-English languages—including French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and two versions of Spanish—giving clients worldwide access to this popular communications and problem-solving approach. In addition, nine international licensees have agreed to represent VitalSmarts in various parts of the world.

“‘Crucial Conversations’ leads the facilitated training industry with a video-rich, entertaining, and engaging training approach,” said Joseph Grenny, VitalSmarts president and COO. “Translating our English-based product with over 120 video clips, facilitator manuals, and participant manuals into these languages in only 90 days is our response to growing customer demand worldwide.”

Languages announced include: Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese, and French. The Japanese translation is based on an earlier version of this training. This training is available in public open-enrollment seminars and can also be delivered onsite in company classrooms. The training is based on the bestselling book Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High (McGraw-Hill 2002).

In addition, agreements with international licensees have also been signed with representatives in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica), Panama, Peru, Greater China (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan), Tokyo, and Thailand.

“The essence of the problems that we have in Central America is a general inability to have crucial conversations on key issues,” said Tomas Morell of Advantage Management International, representing VitalSmarts in Central America. “Conflicts between governments and native populations, a rapidly accelerating divorce rate, and issues faced by family-owned businesses are all examples of where this training will apply.”

For more information on Crucial Conversations, an international licensee, or becoming an international licensee, contact VitalSmarts.


About VitalSmarts

The world leader in leadership and organizational performance, VitalSmarts (www.vitalsmarts.com) has provided training and consulting services to thousands of organizations, including over 300 of the Fortune 500. For over 25 years, the company principals have researched methods for bringing about systematic and lasting change.

Crucial Conversations®, the company’s flagship product series (including The New York Times bestselling book of the same title—McGraw-Hill 2002) delivers a set of influence tools that vitalize companies, strengthen teams, improve communities and enrich relationships. In addition, the company offers a Vitality TrainingTM series focused on delivering personal, team, service, and leadership vitality. VitalSmarts also offers other services including keynote speaking, on-site consulting, customized development and executive mastery retreats.

VitalSmarts was founded in 1990 and is privately held.

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