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For 20 years we’ve researched challenges in healthcare, and we’ve discovered that organizations that build cultures of dialogue see increases in productivity and safety, and reductions in medical errors and staff turnover.

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Unfortunately, drama in healthcare isn’t reserved for TV.

Our latest research shows that while interpersonal drama within caregiver teams is frustrating, it’s not the real problem. The real problem in healthcare is silence.

Patient safety, quality of care, quality of patient and family experience, and staff engagement are determined by how well employees speak up and address behavior challenges.

Read the full research report here.

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See how we helped a Canadian hospital transform its culture.

The staff at St. Joseph’s Health Care London didn’t talk to each other. Yes, they exchanged words, but when problems were serious and emotions were involved, many side-stepped core issues. Not only was this behavior unproductive and disrespectful for employees, it was potentially dangerous for patients.

To help transform its culture, St. Joseph’s trained 35 leaders in Crucial Conversations, including the hospital’s then-CEO, most vice presidents, and most medical leaders.

We Help With Communication Breakdown

In the past decade, the healthcare community has turned to safety tools and checklists to reduce unintentional slips and errors. And yet, a new study called The Silent Treatment reveals that despite the safety interventions taken in the last decade, silence still kills. Safety tools do not compensate for crucial conversations failures in the hospital.

This video is a dramatization of a true story from the study.

Sometimes, talking is hard

Most would struggle to say the right thing in a way that delivers the difficult message respectfully. Luckily, there are skills to help you get it right.

Our training solutions teach skills for talking so that you don’t continue to suck—you know, like when it matters most.

Award-Winning Training

Our training solutions address the most common behavioral workplace challenges. Each training offers a practical skillset that empowers healthcare organizations to achieve lasting change and measurable results.

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Learn dialogue skills to foster alignment and agreement on important matters.

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Universal accountability

Cultivate accountability for improved performance and engagement.

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Master the Six Sources of Influence to drive sustainable behavior change.

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Acquire workflow management skills for increased focus and productivity.


You can reduce medical error, oversight, and turnover in your organization. Let’s explore training solutions that can help your people better speak up and save more lives.