Option 1: GTD Coach Signup

Thanks for registering your learners for the GTD Coach. Once learners have completed the GTD Training course, please add their information below. Learners will receive 5 emails over 5 weeks with tips, suggestions, and links to additional instructional materials.

Note: Learners will not be enrolled in the text-based coaching component of the GTD Coach. In order to access that service, individual learners must text GTD Coach to the phone number found in their GTD toolkit.

Option 2: Submit a participant roster

E-mail a roster of learners who have completed the GTD Training directly to VitalSmarts. Each learner will be subscribed to the GTD Coach email series (but not the text-based coaching component). To submit a learner roster, download this spreadsheet and provide the requested learner details. Then e-mail the completed roster to enrollGTD@vitalsmarts.com.

VitalSmarts may use the data you provide to contact you with information about our products as described in our privacy policy. If you’d like to update your email preferences, you may do so here.