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Training Grant Program

Why a training grant?

Are you a certified trainer who wants to take the VitalSmarts skills into your community? Perhaps you have been training Crucial Conversations within your organization and see how powerful these skills would be for the employees of the local food bank or animal rescue? Then the VitalSmarts Training Grant Program is for you.

At VitalSmarts, we know that the vital skills that make organizations great also make communities great. In the for-profit sector, organizations pay for our valuable training courses and consulting services to improve profitability, efficiency, and competitiveness. Similarly, many nonprofit organizations see direct benefit in simply purchasing training at our adjusted nonprofit sector rates—often obtaining outside funding to make this possible.

However, some nonprofit organizations, which do laudable work and desperately need vital skills to accomplish their missions, cannot access our products and services except with special assistance. For this reason, VitalSmarts makes grant-subsidized training available to a limited number of qualifying organizations.

A Qualifying Grant Recipient (“Trainee”) Organization:

Organization requirements:

  • Is a single 501c3 nonprofit organization
  • Is not an educational, governmental, or healthcare entities, all of which are already served at special rates by VitalSmarts.
  • Demonstrates a needs-basis to justify grant-subsidized training
  • Operates as an independent, local non-profit without national or global affiliation
  • Has a relationship with a qualifying trainer (a VitalSmarts Certified Trainer, Master Trainer, Associate, or Licensee)
  • Does not have a conflicting contractual relationship with VitalSmarts or one of its affiliates
  • Organizations may only be granted toolkits once per the lifetime of the grant program.

A Qualifying Applicant may be:

  • A qualifying trainer
  • A representative of a qualifying trainee organization
  • Trainers may only facilitate one grant per year (regardless of organization).
  • A third-party catalyst, which may bring together a qualifying trainer and trainee organizations, host the training, or propose to cover expenses

Past Recipients Include:

  • Safe Harbor
  • West End Community Centre Association (WECCA)
  • ACT- Autism Community Training

The Application Process

  1. A qualifying applicant identifies a suitable training opportunity. Note: one application per applicant per calendar year.
  2. The applicant submits the application (below).
  3. The VitalSmarts Grant Committee reviews the application and either approves, denies, or suggests changes. (Grants are awarded based on an annual allocation on a first-come-first-served basis.)
  4. If approved, the VitalSmarts Grant Program will ship participant toolkits for the number of people in the approved training, up to a maximum of twenty-five participants. (VitalSmarts will cover the cost of shipping to all zip codes located within the United States of America. All grantee organizations outside of the U.S. will be expected to pre-pay freight charges, import taxes, and duty fees.)
    • Note: Because of cost constraints, the grant-funded toolkits don’t include the corresponding book. However, the applicant may request books to be included for the cost of materials.
  5. The trainer delivers the training. The trainer may not receive any remuneration for training services and the participants may not be charged for any part of the course (i.e., this is not a fundraising opportunity).
  6. The applicant submits a brief report, which includes a photo or two of the event plus three to four paragraphs of text about the purpose of the training, what took place, and the results. This helps VitalSmarts justify continuing the grant program and understand its impact.


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