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VitalSmarts Webinars

Research Webinars

Join our bestselling authors and experts as they share the results of our latest research. These 45-minute webinars teach best-practice skills and offer insight into what’s going on in your world as it relates to workplace communication, leadership, and behavior change.

Virtual Executive Briefings

Each month, we host a 1-hour preview of one of our award-winning training courses, followed by a 30-minute deeper dive into implementation next steps. Those looking to evaluate training for their organization will also learn a few high-leverage skills demonstrated by top performers.

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Open Dialogue
Skills to engage in open dialogue and gain alignment and agreement on important matters

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Universal Accountability
A step-by-step process and skills to enhance accountability and improve performance and execution

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Influential Leadership
The mastery of the Six Sources of Influence™ to drive high-leverage, sustainable behavior change

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