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The health of relationships, teams and organizations is a function of the average lag time between identifying and discussing problems.


Educators continually face challenges regarding policy, performance, resources, and behavior. Having skills to address these challenges—with administrators, teachers, parents and students—can spell the difference between failure and success.

Crucial Conversations for K-12 equips educators with skills to address tough issues and achieve alignment and agreement for improved results at all levels of education.

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Hear how educators at San Antonio Independent School District transformed their culture from unhealthy to thriving by learning how to address and resolve grievances.


When you attend Crucial Conversations for K-12, you’ll learn how to address interpersonal challenges honestly and respectfully. Learners practice the skills, receive feedback, and leave training with a skillset they can immediately put to use. You’ll learn how to:

  • Defuse anger, frustration, and withdrawal by making it safe to dialogue.
  • Clarify misunderstandings without belittling.
  • Identify sources of motivation for yourself and others.
  • Respectfully get others to talk about difficult issues.
  • Keep conversations on track and going smoothly.
  • Foster responsibility and accountability for yourself and others.

Watch to see a short demonstration of how Crucial Conversations skills can help educators overcome disagreement, conflict, and misunderstanding.

Learn about Crucial Conversations for K-12

Now with videos and exercises specific to K-12, Crucial Conversations gives educators skills to resolve the communication challenges they face on a daily basis. Contact us to learn more.