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How Can I Protect My Daughter from Making Poor Choices?

I have a 27-yr-old daughter who ventured out into the world two years ago and she is demonstrating some very dangerous behavior. Recently she started visiting not dating sites, but the most dangerous booty call sites. She is publishing suggestive videos and refuses to acknowledge the dangers. What rights does a parent have to save a child from her bad choices?


Aligning Different Parenting Styles

My husband is constantly angry at our fifteen-year-old son. They are always in shouting matches and it drives me crazy. When I walk away from them, my husband says I am “burying my head in the sand.” My husband is very negative and set in his ways, and he expects our son to have the same ideas. My husband also verbalizes his disappointment in our son and tells him he is only concerned with himself. Granted, there are times this is true, but he’s a typical teenage boy. He’s sometimes mouthy, but he’s a good kid, works hard even though he may complain, and is never in trouble anywhere but at home.