How Do I Say That?

Five Skills for Speaking Up When It Matters Most

For a limited time, learn five powerful skills for speaking up in this on-demand minicourse from New York Times best-selling author Joseph Grenny—now only $39.95.

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Confidently Navigate Today’s Challenges

Success in our careers and relationships often comes down to what we say and how we say it. And finding the right words isn’t always easy.

Especially now, when life feels even more stressful and uncertain, knowing what to say and how to say it can be the difference between health and sickness, happiness and sorrow, and success and failure. The key is learning and applying the right skills.

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Get the Skills to Speak Up Anywhere, Anytime

In this hour-long, on-demand minicourse, Joseph Grenny shares select skills from his New York Times best-selling book Crucial Conversations. You’ll learn how to be confident and capable when speaking up in any situation, to anyone by:

You can also view a variety of short videos from Joseph and other conversation experts in our How Do I Say That? video series.

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"Great class! Really useful skills for demonstrating how to use safety in a tricky conversation. Brilliant!"

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For a limited time, you can register for this on-demand minicourse for only $39.95! In addition to expert instruction, you’ll also receive:

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