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How to Turn a Resolution into a Habit

To help us celebrate the launch of our transformative new training course, The Power of Habit, please enjoy the following Q&A from bestselling author Charles Duhigg. To learn more about The Power of Habit Training, click here. Dear Charles, What does science say about resolutions? Do they work? Every New […]


Building Support for Agile Processes

My seventy-two-year-old company made a decision to make enormous business process changes intended to keep the company competitive in future markets, but these changes have now caused large amounts of complexity and are affecting group cohesion and overall morale. In trying to accommodate this more “agile” process, disengagement has become the norm as each area continues to operate within their isolated silos. Coercion and bullying have sadly achieved more than peaceful collaboration. Having already dealt with intensified levels of stress, a growing population of baby boomers are moving more quickly toward the door.