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Change Challenger Terri has lost 21 of 50 pounds

Terri Moore

Change Challenger Terri is on her way to losing 50 pounds.

Change Anything
My change goal: Lose 50 pounds by Jan 1, 2012.
Progress: As of April 25, I have lost a total of 21 pounds.

My crucial moments:

  • Moments of stress when I’m tempted to resort to my old, unhealthy eating habits
  • Moments when I’ve allowed myself to get to the state of ‘starving’ and as a result, I make poor food choices

My vital behaviors:

  • Connect with one of my coaches for support. If a coach isn’t available, I give myself a pep talk incorporating my Default Future.
  • Consume 1800 calories per day and drink 64oz or more per day.
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks for home and work.
  • Exercise 30 minutes, 5-6 days per week.

I attribute my success to a total life change and the six-source plan I’ve created to adopt these vital behaviors. I remind myself that I did not put this weight on overnight so I cannot expect to wake up one morning and it all be gone. If you want to be successful with any change initiative, be prepared to put some time into the change. However, once you’ve incorporated the change plan into your everyday life, the change feels effortless.

Love what you hate: I participate in activities I enjoy so working out is not a burden. In fact, I actually hate it if I have to miss a work out. I’ve learned I’m pretty competitive with myself on this life changing journey.

Turn Accomplices into Friends: I’ve recruited my manager to be my change partner. We have mapped this change to my performance plan for 2011 and she checks in each week on my progress. I have made my weight chart available to her so she can challenge me if she doesn’t notice progress.

I believe my food choices are solid. I stay within the allotted 1800 caloric intake daily. I’ve gradually increased the number of reps I do during strength training. I also plan ahead which removes the possibility of excuses. Here’s an example, I’m taking a class on Thursday night for the next 7 weeks. I normally swim on this night. Since I’m unable to swim, I’m joining the Yoga class my company sponsors each Thursday. I have shared this change with my coaches and team members in my office to keep me accountable. There is power when you open your mouth and tell others what you are doing. I truly enjoy the support I receive from friends and family.

Control your Space: I am also using and it’s very helpful to see the Predicator Meter chart my progress. I get a thrill out of seeing the needle move closer to the ‘very likely’ section.

How I’ve turned bad days into good data: I do not have to travel too much for work; however, it’s a challenge to stick with your diet when your meal is chosen for you at a work event. In that case, I don’t beat myself up. I say this is a one-time event, it’s okay if I have to modify my meal for the day.

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Q&A with a Change Challenger: Pam's goal to get promoted


Change Challenger Pam shares her change plan to get a promotion in 6 months.

Change Anything

What is your change goal?

To receive a promotion within 6 months

What are your crucial moments?

  • When new, stretch assignment becomes available
  • When discussing business accomplishments
  • When beginning assigned lead on project

What are your vital behaviors?

  • Willingly take on stretch assignments and identify what competencies will be enhanced.
  • Confidently share the path I’ve taken to achieve accomplishments with my managers.
  • Willingly take on projects with clear understanding of objectives and deadlines. Ask questions when uncertain and don’t procrastinate

What adjustments are you making to your change plan in the past few weeks to ensure you achieve your goal?

  • I’m making the actions steps I’ve outlined in my plan realistic and achievable.
  • I’m scheduling time each week to review my plan and complete the action steps.
  • Realizing that the time I devote to my plan doesn’t need to be hours – even 15 minutes twice a week can make a difference.
  • I decided I will reward myself with iPad if I achieve my goal.

What insights have you had as you’ve encountered challenges and how have you turned bad days into good data?

  • The Change Anything website has been an invaluable resource.
  • The messaging, journaling, and action plan tutorials make the website very easy to use.
  • Coaches have provided an extra cheer—like running a 5K.
  • I’ve viewed setbacks in my plan as an opportunity to revise and improve rather than as defeat.
  • I’ve realized a journey is rarely a straight path!
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Q&A with a Change Challenger: Carol Ann's goal to help her son

Carol Ann

Change Challenger Carol Ann shares her change plan to improve her relationship with her son as he manages a chronic illness.

Change Anything

What is your change goal?

Facilitating a young adult’s transition to self managed care of a chronic medical condition. Specifically, by 5/1/11, our son will be engaged in a ongoing healthcare with an appropriate provider and he will be accountable for a daily care plan. We will be able to dialogue about his health without defensiveness.

What are your crucial moments?

  • When I see him making poor choices about his self care.
  • When I want to know if he has been monitoring his health.
  • When I disagree with an approach to care he is using.
  • When he asks for my help, that I only help and not probe more.

What are your vital behaviors?

  • Don’t tell myself stories about what happens on a day-to-day basis when I am not there.
  • Always lead my discussions from the heart.
  • Realize that he has emotions about this subject too.
  • Support his progress and help in any way requested—do not overstep those boundaries.
  • Realize he is an adult and ultimately he is responsible.
  • Look for support of transferable skills.
  • Find his carrots in this process and help him build towards his stated rewards.
  • Bite my tongue if I feel discussions getting defensive.
  • Recognize this can be a huge win-win; only go to the mat for the really big stuff.

To what do you attribute your early success?

Focusing on this goal from a more objective and project management like process has allowed me to admit the amount of emotion I have had in my interactions with my son in the past. I have taken a background support role and we have reframed our interactions and discussions. As a result, we have worked together to identify and set goals.

What adjustments are you making to your change plan in the past few weeks to ensure you achieve your goal?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of disease specific research so that I am able to discuss options and articulate current treatment/equipment options.

What is some of the progress you have experienced?

Our son came home last week. In planning for his arrival, I wanted to help him prepare for his upcoming physician’s appointment. I also wanted to have a crucial conversation with him about my intentions and desire to redefine our relationship and my role in managing his illness.

His visit went very well. We dialogued well and I was able to sense when I was being too pushy. If I started to get pushback from him, I refocused and reestablished safety. I did not check everything off the list of things I wanted to discuss with him but I am okay with that. There were a couple of times I even refrained from commenting on things and just kept my mouth shut—figuring it’s better to bite my tongue than regret my words.

We prepared for his physician’s visit which will happen this Thursday. I am not going with him to the appointment (which is admittedly, REALLY hard for me) and that is something we didn’t even discuss because he needs to do this himself and I am very supportive of that. His request was to meet for lunch afterwards and I am already working on myself so that I don’t discuss his appointment without asking permission and even accepting the fact that he may not want to discuss the appointment with me at all. We have lots of time to explore these new ground rules in this “new relationship” and I am committed to taking the time we need to do it right.

Personally, I’m spending some pretty intense time coming to terms with my feelings of failure as a Mom. Not only am I his mother, I’m also an RN and that makes me feel even more guilty that I was not able to figure out how to have impacted his health sooner. While we’re not facing a life-threatening illness, I worry about how our delayed management could affect his long-term health. I’m smart enough to realize that personality, frontal lobe development, and his own needs to come to terms with his illness have all played a big part the struggles he has faced in the past. My head is screwed on pretty straight about the reality of the situation and yet, my heart is still struggling—that too is a process and journey I am willing to take. David Maxfield has recommended the book Motivational Interviewing. I’m stopping at the bookstore on my way home this evening. Thanks David!