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Episode 22: How to Run Effective Errands & Never Forget the Milk Again


Ever find yourself running an errand on your way home from work only to pull up to the store and forget why you came in the first place? Was it milk? Sugar? A new GTD system?

In this week’s episode Justin will share a tip to capture everything–even the errands you need to run or the items you need to purchase–in one reliable system. This one habit will help you be more present and more effective with your time.

Justin Hale

"You change your life one action at a time. My next tip is your next action.” Justin Hale is a speaker, trainer, and training designer. He plays a key role on VitalSmarts’ product development team and is often the face of VitalSmarts’ award-winning classroom, virtual, and on-demand courses.

The ideas expressed in this article are based on the skills and principles taught in Getting Things Done®. Learn more about Getting Things Done.

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