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How to Survive an Abusive Conversation

Dear Steve, What do you suggest when you try to use the Crucial Conversations skills only to realize the other person is unhealthy, unaware, and unable to communicate effectively, respectfully, or civilly? Many people are healthy and just don’t have the communication skills, and when they are mentored or trained, […]


Eternally Grateful

Hollywood, 1983 For almost ten hours, I had been waiting to shoot a video clip that, one day, would become one of my favorites. Our production team had started early that morning by taping an example of how to get a meeting back on course. Next, we shot a vignette […]


7 Tips For Helping Remote Employees

Working remotely is a highly sought-after job perk. Having the flexibility to live and work where you please, regardless of corporate headquarters, often draws people to take one job over another. But while popular and convenient, the latest research from VitalSmarts shows that not everything comes up roses when working […]