From the Road

From the Road: Twenty Fourteen

Steve WillisSteve Willis is a Master Trainer and Vice President of Professional Services at VitalSmarts.

From the Road

It’s a new year and with it comes so many “news”—new opportunities, new resolutions, new beginnings, new goals, new mindsets (or would it be new minds set??). It’s a whole new year! Indeed, it seems like with every breath I draw in a huge mouthful of newness. It’s invigorating and energizing! It definitely erases the bitter taste of all those “should haves” I was chewing on at the end of 2013.

Now don’t get me wrong. While I love new, it doesn’t mean I completely neglect anything that’s not new. There is, at this time of year, an opportunity to infuse our “currents,” “on-goings,” and “existings” with new effort and passion.

Take training for example. How do you breathe new life into something you’ve done or seen a lot? In some cases, your dreams include VitalSmarts’ actors—presenting a whole new set of problems!

How do you make it new for you, and especially how do you make it new for the participants?

What are you going to do during the course of this new year?

What will be new in your delivery, in your roll-out, or in the way you’re targeting the skills?

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