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From the Road

From the Road: Why?!?!?!

Steve WillisSteve Willis is a Master Trainer and Vice President of Professional Services at VitalSmarts.

From the Road

My experience with “why” has been an interesting one. In fact, I’ve been able to identify several distinct phases that I’ve experienced. There were the younger years where “why” was fast and frequent…and as my parents would say, annoying (my mother and father are currently enjoying seeing my children do this to me).

Next I entered the teenage years where “why” took a more belligerent and defiant tone. This phase has gradually given way to the current phase that I’m still growing into: “why” as a curious approach rather than an accusatory approach.

As I reflected on this, I realized that our participants have a similar, albeit condensed, experience during the session. And the sooner they move into the curious phase, the sooner they start really internalizing and learning.

So here’s the big question: What do you do to help participants move more quickly into the curiosity phase of “why?” Let’s compare notes. Send me your thoughts.


Steve Willis

As one of the original trainers at VitalSmarts, Steve has been on the forefront of developing award-winning training programs, perfecting quality training platforms, and delivering training content that has influenced more than 500,000 people to date. In addition, Steve has trained and certified thousands of employees, managers, and trainers from Fortune 500 companies across the nation. read more

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