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Special Announcement

Special Announcement: Influencer Second Edition Winners Announced

Thank you to all those who entered our drawing to win one of twenty-five free copies of the second edition of Influencer by watching Joseph Grenny talk about the power of the Influencer model to change behavior at our local TED event.

If you missed it, click here to watch the powerful transformation story of Jane, a young girl who grew up in poverty in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

We had an overwhelming response, but the twenty-five lucky winners are:

  • Arthur Johnson Jr.
  • Chris Clark
  • Chris Klenk
  • Daniel Hiatt
  • Deborah Carcutt
  • Derek Applegate
  • Elaine Rose
  • Fidelia Herrera Roster
  • Paul Pstivthnkn
  • Kurt Ellis
  • Lynda Sowell
  • Lynette Vetsch
  • Mauricio Soto
  • Mnquaker
  • Nicolas A. Reynolds
  • Pat Hatcher
  • Patty Skerl
  • Randi Schmechel
  • Rick Kotter
  • Sharon Humphreys
  • Sue Burge Dahl
  • TJ Brensen
  • Travis Cunningham
  • Tyler Edmondson
  • Vicky Smith

If you won, please e-mail us at editor@vitalsmarts.com to claim your book.

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