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How do you respond to "That would never happen here"?

Dave AngelDave Angel is a Master Trainer.

Q How do you respond when you show a video and a participant comments, “That scenario has nothing to do with my life. Nothing like that would ever happen here. That just doesn’t seem realistic.”?

A That’s a very good question. I can remember going through the training for the first time and thinking those same thoughts about a video scenario or two. But then I realized that I was focusing on the scenario content rather than on the skill set I was learning. Talk about light bulbs going off for me! When I stopped getting caught up in the content of the scenario and allowed it to simply serve as the framework for practicing the skill, my learning skyrocketed. I was able to target and practice the skill set without being distracted by whether the scenario was relevant for me. Then, as I moved through the rest of the training, I was cognizant of the skill set rather than the scenario.

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