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Facing a Crucial Conversation?

VitalSmarts has captured vignettes of some of the most sensitive crucial conversations. Watch as one boss is faced with an awkward performance review, or as a couple tries to talk with their elderly father about his ability to drive. Let us know what you think about our latest round of videos.

For more humorous videos of timely crucial conversations, visit www.vitalsmartscanhelp.com.

7 thoughts on “Facing a Crucial Conversation?”

  1. Hi, to get the video to run smoothly, click the arrow to start, then click the pause button. Let the video buffer to your computer. When the line below the video (to the right of start/stop) turns a light red, you’re ready to play continuously.

  2. these are great. I would like to get a copy of the vignettes for corporate performance appraisals. I also would like to see a model of the conversation being done well to contrast with the original. How would I go about getting copies of the vignettes if they’re available? 🙂

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