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Use Motivation,
Not Power
The best accountability training

Tools to Improve Accountability and Execution

Our research-based training program teaches step-by-step processes and skills to hold others accountable, improve performance, and ensure execution.


Participants learn how to talk about violated expectations in a way that yields two-way accountability and allows further progress to be made.


Consistent application of the skills leads to faster problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution.


When issues are resolved and focus is restored, productivity increases, relationships are strengthened, and high-performance cultures are formed.

Resolving Performance Gaps Through Accountability

Crucial Accountability® is helping people by helping the companies they work for reap bottom-line benefits like reduced turnover, fewer grievances, and higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

Employee Turnover

Orkin reported an 8% decrease in turnover.


San Antonio School District saw a 50% drop in grievances.

Teamwork and Relationships

Dallas Housing Authority eliminated silos between departments and helped employees take initiative to resolve conflicts with their supervisors.

Training Your Way

Crucial Accountability is available in two delivery formats to address the diverse needs of your organization.



Live Classroom

Bring in a VitalSmarts Master Trainer or certify an internal trainer to teach Crucial Accountability skills in person to your employees.



Virtual Instructor-led

Join a VitalSmarts Master Trainer in our facilitated virtual training classroom and learn Crucial Accountability from the comfort of your home or office.

Attend Crucial Accountability Training to earn continuing education credits

We offer continuing education as a service to our clients. Crucial Accountability is accredited by the following organizations:

IACET Continuing Education Seal
IACET – 1.5 CEUs

Focused Format – .7 CEUs

SHRM Certified Continuing Education Seal
SHRM – 14 CHs

Focused Format – 7 CHs

HRCI Continuing Education Seal
HRCI – 14 CHs

Focused Format – 7 CHs

BRN Continuing Education Seal
BRN – 14.8 CHs

Focused Format – 7 CHs

Watch these four tips from our Vice President of Research and bestselling author, David Maxfield. If you like what you hear, Crucial Accountability can help.

Start Improving Accountability and Results

Is it time for you and your organization to start reaping the benefits of increased accountability? Let’s talk about bringing Crucial Accountability to you.

Crucial Accountability Book Cover

The New York Times Bestseller

With more than half a million copies sold, Crucial Accountability continues to transform personal and professional performance and execution.

#8 New York Times Business Bestseller
#6 Wall Street Journal Bestseller
#1 Business List
#1 on 800-CEO-READ
“Book of the Year” by Soundview Executive Book Summaries