Shari’s Story

Addled by cancer treatment, Shari must find a new way of managing her life

A mother, wife, and committed business professional, Shari is no stranger to busyness and productivity. But breast cancer threatened to change that.

“The last ten months have been a rollercoaster,” says Shari. “The dozens of medications that I need to take are causing me some issues with my memory. I’ve always had an easy time juggling the demands of life. And then suddenly, overnight, I couldn’t remember some of the simplest things. Even words. It created a level of anxiety that I’ve never experienced in my life.”

Shari’s life-saving treatments made it difficult for her to keep track of and complete everyday tasks. What she was once able to keep in memory, she now had to keep on her desk in stacks of sticky notes, folders, and documents. This, however, only added to the sense of chaos.

Exasperated, Shari began looking for a new way to organize her to-dos. She needed a system, a method for storing, tracking, and recalling tasks and commitments so they wouldn’t slip through the cracks, even the small and simple tasks.

In the video at top, watch Shari recount how a simple organizing skill made a big difference in her life. ◼

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