Tell us how VitalSmarts skills and principles have impacted your life.

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Discover how the principles and skills from VitalSmarts leadership training can impact your life for lasting change.

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Joseph’s Story

Confronting Addiction in the Family

Tom’s Story

Ending the Blowups

Emily’s Story

Working Through Divorce

Shari’s Story

Organizing Against Cancer


Shawn’s Story

Stories We Tell Ourselves

Pat’s Story

Managing Misbehavior

Milan’s Story

Soft Skills for Students

Meredith’s Story

Parenting a Preteen

Lon’s Story

Sidestepping Senior

Jenni’s Story

Coping With Catastrophe

Caitlin’s Story

Including The In-Laws

Jessica’s Story

Confidence Against Cancer

Marion’s Story

Gaining Career Clarity

J. Lynn’s Story

Elevating Education

Latisha’s Story

Inner-city Influence

Dax’s Story

Teen vs. Father

Rich’s Story

Reprogramming Work Culture

David’s Story

End of Life Decision

Jeff’s Story

On the Peaks with GTD

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Tell us how the skills from VitalSmarts have impacted your life.

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