How a Few Vital Behaviors Impact the Bottom Line and Change Lives

The VitalSmarts strategy for influencing results is to influence behaviors—but not just any behaviors. Our award-winning training programs teach vital behaviors—high-leveraged actions that if enacted widely and consistently lead to changes in every other aspect of personal and professional performance. Real people and leading organizations alike have turned to VitalSmarts to solve their chronic and pressing problems.

Training Case Studies

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Whether teaching your employees the effective vital behaviors of speaking up quickly and candidly, creating a culture of accountability, or changing entrenched bad behaviors, you’ll join the ranks of hundreds of organizations that have experienced dramatic improvements in training results such as:

  • Quality improvements of 30-40%
  • Grievance reductions of 90%
  • Turnover reductions of 50%
  • Employee satisfaction improvements of 80%
  • Safety/compliance improvements of 40-60%
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Trainer Success Stories

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Sun Microsystems: Turning Disagreement into Results

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Wachovia: Curing a Culture of Silence

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County of Riverside: Cultural Overhaul Repairs Relationships & Secures Results

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Intermountain Healthcare: Training Improves Job Satisfaction

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The VitalSmarts community of certified trainers is responsible for impressive change in organizations around the world. See how our trainers have implemented organization-wide training roll-outs and secured sustainable and measurable results.

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Personal Success Stories


Employee Relations: Saving Jobs with Crucial Conversations

Erich used crucial conversations skills to avoid laying off current employees in the midst of an economic downturn. The program became a benchmark in his company for strengthening relationships with employees and customers.

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Transforming Corporate Culture at MaineGeneral Health

Using six sources of influence, Patrice P. transformed corporate culture at MaineGeneral Health from a culture of silence to a culture of candid and respectful dialogue.

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See why thousands of book readers and training graduates attribute the vital behaviors found in our books and training courses to profound personal changes they have made to their most valuable relationships and life-long personal struggles.

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